About Us

Are We Dependable you ask? You’ve got the MT Commitment!

MT Transportation has been in operation for a decade. Started with a single truck, we have grown quickly and steadily to offer a fleet of trucks. This tremendous expansion has helped us build solid business relationships and provide service that far exceeds industry norms. Our staff of dedicated professionals carries years of experience and is committed to excellence.

You Want to know a little about Our Company!

Faithful to our commitments, we guarantee that your shipments are monitored by professionals from pick-up to delivery. At MT Transportation, we act as your partners on the road. By providing transportation services in a professional manner, we’ve had consistent growth in harmony with customer demand. Our quality service and adherence to clients transportation needs is continually improving and our innovative ideas fully support our customers desire to meet their goals. Be confident in our reputation and let your merchandise rest on our heads.

U.S. Mail

For over 17 years MT Transportation has specialized in the transportation of United States mail.


You will receive notification one day in advance of the day that the driver will arrive at your business to load shipment. Before your goods are loaded on the truck, you and your shipment advisor will agree on a delivery schedule. You will receive notification of delivery prior to delivery. You, or someone you have designated on your paperwork must be present to accept delivery and pay any charges. In the event that no one is available, your shipment could be placed in storage at an additional charge. Be sure that you give your advisor telephone numbers where you can be reached.


All loose items must be packed in boxes to prevent damage during transport.

Safety & Security

New trucks encounter less problems. Our late model straight trucks meet D.O.T. specifications and have lift gates, roll-up rear doors, shoring bars, ratchet straps. Each vehicle is equipped with Ez-pass¨, fuel cards, 2-way radios and cell phones. Our D.O.T. approved tractors offer peace of mind, complete with security devices, air conditioning, heated mirrors, dual fuel tanks, and an air-slide 5th wheel. The trailers (45-53 ft.) are equipped with ABS brakes, door savers, double e-tracks, fork lift plates, scuff liners, safety chains and padlocks and safety striping on sides and back.

24 Hour Security

Our facilities and warehouse are all monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have chosen the highest quality, most sophisticated video multiplexer on the market today. Utilizing the ActiveImage™ technology, the Genex™ Series multiplexers have exceptionally high resolution digital multiple screen displays. With the addition of the KBD4000 remote keyboard we are able to have a greater degree of system flexibility.

We are fully insured, so you can relax

In the extreme case of an accident, our drivers take the proper steps to ensure personal and transport safety. They stop and investigate the scene, set out warning devices, assist injured persons, call for medical assistance, notify police and follow the proper authorities directions. MT Transportation carries all insurance required by the Department of Transportation: $1,000,000 auto liability, $25,000 trailer interchange insurance, $100,000 cargo insurance, workers compensation, disability and unemployment.

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