Logistics Supply Chain

MT Transportation and Logistics Service Supply Chain Solutions is an end-to-end supply chain partner with over 20 years of experience helping customers transform their supply chains by delivering the best in operational systems.

As a (3PL) Third Party Logistics service provider, we offer a full range of quality customized nationwide Transportation, Distribution, Warehouse and Supply Chain Management solutions. We specialize in expedited management services affording our customers a distinct and competitive advantage. As an asset and non-asset based Logistics provider, we have the independence to make selections based on your needs alone. Our strong relationship forged with a broad base of TL, LTL and Rail carriers create more options allowing greater efficiency to maximize service. Competitive price agreements with select third party suppliers allows us the opportunity to maintain our pricing strategy and savings to our customers

The key to a successful logistics management engagement is expertise, experience and the demonstrated ability to execute reliable day after day to quality service to meet your customers demands.

Consolidation and Distribution:

By understanding your Business and Logistics needs, MT service experts can provide a flexible solutions that will drive value for your business. Whatever industry sector you operate in, MT provides dedicated, warehousing and distribution operations to ensure that you can deliver your service requirements to your customers.
3rd party fulfillment and in-house fulfillment services, much like 3rd party logistics, requires unique solutions to meet multiple customer service needs.

WHSE Consolidation Management;

  • Manage product movement and monitor on-hand and order balances in real time
  • Support all facility types and merchandise flows, including cross-dock and flow-through
  • Support all facets of customer Products.
  • Leverage advanced-ship notices, in/outbound planning, appointments.
  • Utilize built-in best practices, optimization and workload monitoring Benefits
  • Reduce lead times and free up working capital by accelerating the flow of merchandise
  • Maximize accuracy and productivity with radio-frequency-directed activities in real time
  • Increase operating efficiency and improve receiving, internal movement, and shipping
  • Improve labor productivity; optimize space and equipment utilization

Dedicated Distribution services.

Combining all or a part of your warehousing needs with our truck drivers, vehicles, fleet maintenance, routing, scheduling, management and administrative support, MT is the dedicated transportation solution that allows you to maintain your focus on your manufacturing or service core business, while we act as your Logistics partner utilizing our dedicated expertise to distribute your product with reliability day after day through one turnkey solution. You need to keep you focused on your business the wheels of business turning without having to invest in your own fleet.

  • Fleet Optimization
  • Routing and Scheduling
  • Management Staff
  • Technology
  • Trained and experienced Driver’s
  • Equipment

Third Party Logistics and Fulfillment Systems

MT is a full service order fulfillment company, helping businesses manage their critical supply chain operations with lower cost and greater efficiency. We provide hands on fulfillment as well as technical collaborations to your supply chain logistics needs for many customers unique demands. Our experienced professionals have developed and implemented proven methods for executing our customers products and ensuring customer satisfaction by combining people, facilities, and technology to offer a wide range of solutions.

  • High Volume and Custom Assembly of Products
  • Build to Order Fulfillment
  • Bulk Assembly
  • Product Recalls, Rework and Refurbishment
  • Shrink-wrapping, Banding and Auto-bagging
  • Serialized Assembly
  • Retail Distribution
  • Printed and Expiated material Fulfillment

Long and Short Term Warehouse Storage

At MT we are set up to received and warehouse your product for any length of time. Cross-docking and short term storage along with long term needs are handled with equal care. Your inventory information is maintained on our state warehouse management system.

  • Flexible and competitive rates for Long term storage
  • Short Term availability for overstock and temporary storage of your product.
  • High Ceiling clearance for triple pallet stacking
  • Piece storage, carton storage and of course pallet storage
  • Inventory Management and reporting to keep you updated on the status of all your product
  • Racking availability
  • Cross docking for easy retrieval and distribution of your product. Availability round the clock local or long distance delivery of you product.
  • 24 hour/7 day week security and surveillance to keep your product safe